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Corn Sheller
With accessories to shell beans, soy and sunflower.

For wheat and quinoa.

Rice Machinery

  • Rice mill – three combined operations
    Cleans shells and classifies in one step
    Capacity: from 10 to 20qq per hour .
  • Complete automated equipments with polisher and sheller
    Capacity: from 20 to 100 (50kg/100lb bags) per hour
  • Rollers for rice machinery:
    Made of rubber for rice mills of any model.
    Sizes:4”X8”, 6”X8” and 10”X10”
  • Rice separator and classifier according to density
    Capacity: 100 (50kg/100lb bags) per hour

Grain handlers
Gas or diesel includes axial fan heater interchanger made with stainless steel to avoid product contamination.

Coffee Equipment

  • Coffee Mills
    Combined machine cleans, peels and classifies in one operation.
    Capacity: 30 (50kg/100lb bags) per hour

Walk-Behind Tractors:
Standard model, ideal for farming, works with absolute efficiency both in firm ground and mud. Ideal for sown fields, fumigation, weeding, ground preparation, transportation and lawn mower.

Reversible plow grill con iron wheels
Reversible plow discs for all types of ground                                                    
Farming carriage pneumatic tires, capacity 10  (50kg/100lb bags)
Set of wheels for oil turning (2 units)
Set of wheels cage type (2 units) for muddy ground preparation 
Back skies for soil working, preparation and sowing

Disk Mills
With reversible steel disks, product is suitable for human and animal consumption, designed for grind all kind of grains, cereals and dry products such as: corn, rice, coffee, wheat, peanut, tamarind, spices, soy etc. and/or damp products such as: corn, seeds, spices, salt, etc.

Stone Mills
Designed for the grinding of all kind of grains, cereals and dry products, suitable for human consumption, especially for the production of bread flours.

Stones for mills
Suitable for human consumption, constructed with a unique metal and mineral alloy that warrants quality and durability of 3 to 4 years of reliable service.

Hammer Mills – 3 operations
For the manufacture of animal meals. Cuts, triturates, minces and grinds grains.

Designed to shred all kind of grass, corn, cane and other types of silage suitable for animal consumption and for compost preparation. Automatic feeder and cut regulator.

Sugarcane Crusher
Grinds sugar cane to extract pure juice for human consumption. Contains iron rollers with special stainless steel treatment to avoid product contamination. The superior roller has hollows and teeth as direction guides for the cane.
Capacities:200, 400, 600 liters per hour


Ribbon Saws

Vertical Saws

Circular Saws Shaper (trompo tupi)
Surface Planners
Saw Mills

Combined machinery of two and three operations

  • Saw mill – Circular Saw

  • Saw mill – Planner – Circular Saw



Power Trowels
Smoothing machine to smooth concrete, with eccentric pulley and clutch system.  With a circular plate for perfect smoothing.

Reversible Plate Compactor
Self-propelled vibrators, with eccentric pulley, clutch system. With wheels for easy turning and transportation, and spring system for better compacting. To tamp ground, mixtures, asphalt, soil and more up to 12” (30 cm.) depth.

Concrete Mixer
Professional tilting mixer with crown and 2 pneumatic wheels
Capacity: 360 liters (1 sack of cement)
Capacity: 550 liters (2 sacks of cement)

Tamping Rammer
Tamping Rammer kangaroo type (toad) with clutch system and 4 cycle gasoline engine

Electric, diesel and gasoline with hoist to lift construction material.
Capacity: from 150 kg up to 1000 kg.

Concrete Vibrator
Electric, diesel or gasoline with 6 meters of hose and 38 mm or 45 mm diameter. DYNAPAC system.

Electric Manual Vibrator
Manual drill for simple work and especially columns, 32mm.


Exterior tube – diameter and thickness 59 x 2.0 x 2000 mm
Interior tube – diameter and thickness 48 x 2.0 x 2000 mm
Weight 14 KG
Legs 125 x 125 x 5 mm
Height – minimum and maximum 2.20 – 3.96mts.
Weight capacity – closed/open 2.500 KG


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